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#048 Season 2: Introduction and Special Offer!

Updated: Feb 28

with special offer from Erica Schmitz of MyBodyModel

Episode Summary

Well it's been longer than I planned but better later than never!

The Sew Mindful sewing podcast is back for another season. Thanks for all of you that gave me the encouragement and friendly nudges to get back to my microphone.

I've definitely missed talking with you and you have never been far from my thoughts.

So this episode is a quick introduction to what to expect from the new season. It also includes a special offer for 20% off from the wonderful Erica Schmitz of MybodyModel so be sure to listen out for that.

In this episode you will hear:

  • what I've been up to

  • what you can expect from season 2

  • a highlight from my interview with Erica Schmitz in episode 11

  • a special offer from Erica

Links and resources mentioned

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Get in touch

I always love to hear about you trying out what you pick up from these episodes so do let me know:

Thank you so much for listening and for all your support. x

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