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#049 How long should dressmaking really take?

with special guest Mel Forrest of Mint Button

Episode Summary

In this first interview of season 2 I'm delighted to be talking to Mel Forrest of Mint Button. Mel was a primary school teacher for 15 years before leaving to pursue a 'portfolio career' in the home-sewing industry. She now teaches 1:1 sewing lessons and workshops. She also works part time as a retail assistant in a fabric shop - Home Town, Rochester. And if that wasn't enough you may also come into contact with her as a customer service assistant for the online sewing pattern shop, The Foldline. I found out about Mel through a blog post she wrote about an experiment she challenged herself to complete. After watching The Great British Sewing Bee and being shocked by the time allowed for one of the sewing tasks, Mel decided to try it for herself and see how long it would take her to complete. In our chat we talk about her experience with the challenge and her thoughts on how long dressmaking really takes.

In this episode you will hear:

  • what The Great British Sewing Bee is

  • details of the task Mel challenged herself to complete

  • our thoughts on how much time dressmaking takes

  • Mel's tips on planning your makes

  • Mel's special offer for listeners

Links and resources mentioned

Connect with Mel Forrest:

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