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Jacqui Blakemore - Sewist, dressmaker and founder

My Story

I have a passion for sewing and in particular, dressmaking. I was very lucky in that my mum taught me to sew when I was a teenager, encouraging me to make everything from cuddly toys and cushions to bespoke dresses.


Sewing took a back seat as my career in corporate life took off but around 12 years ago I took a pattern drafting course at night school that rocked my world. Once again my passion for dressmaking was ignited and I was hooked all over again.


In 2017 I got the opportunity to make some changes in my life and decided to go back to college to study fashion. At that time I also got my adult teaching qualification and began to share my passion for sewing with others. Since then I have been teaching sewing and dressmaking in face-to-face classes and online. It's amazing and I absolutely love it.

There is no greater joy than working with amazing women who begin a class thinking that they'll never be any good at sewing and leave having made a beautiful garment and ready to take on whatever other new challenges the world has to bring.

If you have ever thought about learning to sew or make your own clothes but been afraid you won't be any good at it then I'm here to help because I know you can do it

If you have tried and got frustrated or things haven't worked out as you planned, I'm here to help because I know how frustrating dressmaking can be but how wonderful it is when, with a little help, you begin to master it (and thanks to some amazing teachers I've had a lot of help too!).

Through Sew Much More Fun my goal is to help fabulous people that want to learn to sew discover just how amazing they are and create a wardrobe along the way that fits, flatters and feels fabulous. 

So if that's you and you're ready to get started then get in touch and let's do it!

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