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The story of Cashmerette – with Jenny Rushmore

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I’ve mentioned Curvy Sewing collective in a few of the previous podcasts. I absolutely love it. I love the reviews and everything that it promotes and the community that that's created. I refer to it regularly for any tips on patterns and just to see what people have made and how they've made it.

It's founder is Jenny Rushmore who went on to set up Cashmerette - the go to indie sewing pattern company for curvy ladies. I really wanted to find out more so I thought it would be great to get Jenny on the podcast so we can learn more about her story.

Jenny discovered sewing at the age of 30 and became obsessed with the possibilities that it created for her. In particular she loves the aspects of fitting clothes for her particular body.

After learning how to sew, she noticed that by being able to create her own wardrobe, it transformed not only what she was wearing, but also her confidence. As a result, she set up the Curvy Sewing Collective to share her inspirations.

The story of Cashmerette

The ethos of Cashmerette is the notion that the perception that beauty can be measured in numbers is way past its expiration date and the designs that she's putting together and the people that are using those patterns are definitely proof of that.

Cashmerette patterns celebrate curves and confidence and limitless style. It's created by a plus-sized seamstress with sewing patterns that focus predominantly on the 12 to 28 size range. Jenny is looking to expand that, but mostly for a bigger bust size.

In this interview you will hear...

  • The story behind the curvy sewing collective and Cashmerette.

  • Jenny’s most valuable lessons throughout the journey of Cashmerette

  • The number size you are doesn’t mean anything. Three people the same size could look totally different.

  • Common mistakes Jenny has noticed when people are making or using her patterns.

  • What Jenny’s favourite clothes and patterns are to make

  • What is coming up in the future for Cashmerette

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