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Making Time to Sew - with Amber Allworth

As I settle back into a work routine following the festive holidays it can be too easy to fill my calendar and forget to make time to sew. I wanted some tips on how to make sure that I make time to sew and also for the other important things in my life so I engaged the help of the wonderful Amber Allworth.

Amber is a life coach and specialises in working with people that want to make changes in their life and so I knew that she would have some great tips on how I could make changes to the way I plan my day and my week to ensure I keep enough space for the things I love.

Doing what you love

During our chat Amber shares tips that can help you understand how you are using your time and check in with how often you are doing the things that light you up.

So if you feel out of control or overwhelmed by your to do list, if you feel dissatisfied with how you are spending your time, if you feel like you never get to do what you want to do then be sure to watch the video and to read on.

I personally found my chat with Amber really useful and find myself relistening to it regularly as there are so many helpful tips.

In this interview you will hear:

  • The benefits that making time for yourself can have on those around you

  • Ways in which you can take an inventory of how you are spending your time

  • Techiques to identify your values and ensure they show up in your calendar

  • The power of taking a single action vs trying to do the whole project in one go

  • Ways to 'chunk' your time and your planning

  • Tools you can use such as the Pomodoro technique to help set powerful boundaries on your time

Useful links and resources

Like this interview? You can hear more like this on the Sew Mindful podcast. Sbuscribe or follow on your favourite podcast app or sign up for our newsletter and we'll be sure to let you know each time a new episode comes out.

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