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Use your face to pick your fabric- with Imogen Lamport

Updated: May 1, 2022

Imogen Lamport is an image consultant, as well as the writer for the blog Inside Out Style, which she calls the encyclopedia of colour and style. The blog has got thousands of posts and it's all aimed at the kind of information her clients want to know about how to dress themselves in a way that flatters them and is also authentic to them.

Imogen was my first guest on the Sew Mindful podcast and the episode we recorded back in August 2020 still remains one of the most listened to. So if you are not a podcast person then fear not. Here is the video from our chat, jam packed with great tips on how you can use your own features to work out which fabrics will suit you.

Looking for the harmony in style

One of the things Imogen speaks about is the importance of looking for harmony when approaching style. In the same way that music contains harmonies, we recognise similar harmony when we're looking at people. We want those elements of style, whether it's the colour, body shape, the textures, the sheen and the personality all need to be in harmony with you.

In this podcast you will hear...

  • How Imogen became an Image Consultant and who she helps

  • How to find your true style.

  • How can you use your own features to help you understand what fabrics, styles and accessories work for you.

  • Why the drape of the fabric is so important when dressmaking

  • How to understand your own colour contrast

  • How your hair and skin can impact your choice of fabric

  • Tips on choosing patterns and colour

Useful links and resources:

I'd love to know if you had any a-has from this interview and if any tips in particular stand out, so let me know in the comments. And if it has raised questions for you then be sure to ask them too

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