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Itch to Stitch Pine Cove Pajamas Review

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

I have wanted to make myself some pyjamas for a while and when I saw some fabulous reviews of the Itch To Stitch Pine Cove Pajamas I knew I had to give them a go. I have been more focused on workwear recently so it was great to treat myself to a bit of loungewear. And I got to try them out over the Christmas break.

It is a PDF pattern which is great for me as it meant I could download and print it without having to wait for it to be posted. This was the first Itch to Stitch pattern that I had tried so I was able to try out a toile while I was waiting for my fabric to be delivered.

Pine Cove Pajamas - Itch to Stitch

The pattern includes a wrap top with full length sleeves and full length loose fitting trousers with elasticated waist. The top is fastened with ties so a great beginner pattern as there are no buttons or zips to worry about. It also includes a cute little patch pocket, relaxed fit with a drop shoulder and side splits.

The pattern is designed for non-stretch woven fabrics so can be made in cozy flannel for the winter or silky satins for warmer weather. So in case you are inspired to give them a go here is some more information for you.

Size Range

Sizing goes from 00 to 40. This covers

  • bust sizes from 31 1/8 inches (79cm) to 60 inches (152.5cm),

  • waist sizes from 25 3/8 inches (64.5cm) to 54 1/4 inches (138cm) and

  • hip sizes from 33 1/8 inches (84cm) to 62 inches (157.5cm).

Size I Made

For the top I made size 6 at the bust and waist blended to size 8 at the hip.

For the trousers I made size 8 (based on my hip measurement).

My Measurements and Body Type

Height: 5'2"

Bust: 36"

Waist: 30"

Hip: 40"

Bra: 32DD

Body type: I am an H shape from the front but I stick out a bit at the front at the boobs and at the back at the bum. I also have a bit of a rounded upper back (from too much time on a computer!)

Adjustments I Made

This is the first Itch to Stitch pattern I have made so wasn't sure about the sizing. I decided to make a basic toile just to check that it was true to the measurements.

I have been using my own dressmaking project plans to help me keep track of my sewing projects and the adjustments I make. This also reminds me to transfer any fitting adjustments back to my pattern pieces (as I have forgotten to do that in the past which causes havoc when I come to remake the pattern!)

Dressmaking project plan
Getting organised with my project plans

The top and the trousers both fitted really well from the standard pattern so I just made a couple of tweaks. On the top I decided to make a small rounded back adjustment of 1/2" which is a common adjustment for me. I was also not sure about the dropped shoulder, as that style doesn't always flatter me, so I took an inch off the shoulder length and added it into the head of the sleeve instead.

I also ended up taking 1" off the length of the trousers and double turning a 1" hem (2" in total).

Fabric I Used

It is currently winter in the UK so I wanted a pair of pyjamas that would be warm. There didn't seem to be a lot of choice of flannel fabric in the colours that I like so I ended up with some brushed cotton in a dark dusky pink from Bombay Stores Fabrics.

Cute patch pocket on Pine Cove Pajama Top
Cute front patch pocket detail

It is smooth on one side and brushed on the other which I wasn't sure about when it arrived but I love the stylish touch it adds to the finished pyjamas while still making them warm and cosy on the inside.

I also ordered some pale pink brushed cotton for a second pair to make as a gift. This fabric is brushed on both sides so feels lovely and snuggly.

Each pair takes about 4m of fabric for the top and bottoms. I made sure to prewash the fabric before cutting out as I have been caught out in the past with cotton fabrics shrinking on first wash.

Pale pink brushed cotton fabric
Pale pink brushed cotton for gift pair of pyjamas

Construction Process and Instructions

The instructions are quite detailed with some good images. The pattern only has 1/2 inch (1.25cm) seam allowance and as I am used to the more traditional 5/8 inch (1.5cm) I had to remember that when sewing.

I started with the top which begins with constructing the pocket, the ties and the neckband.

I thought that the neckband might be tricky to fit but actually it was really straightforward and went in really well. The sleeve is sewn in on the flat and has quite a flat head without much ease so was easy to attach and would be quite straightforward for beginners too.

Pine Cove Pajama Top
Good instructions to easily construct the top

The hems and splits are double turned to give a neat finish and the markings for the ties are quite clear and easy to find.

The instructions for the pajama pants are even easier to follow. The only think that might be considered a bit more tricky is the stitching of the elastic once it is in the waistband.

You don't have to do this step but I do love the finish it gives as it stops the elastic from getting twisted and folding over.

My Thoughts About the Pattern

Not sure if you can tell already but I really love this pattern and my finished PJ's. The fit is very relaxed and super comfortable. The whole set was made in 4-5 hours. I wasn't sure about the sticky out bit on the ends of the neckband but having worn it I now like that feature.

Pine Cove Pajamas appreciated by my llama
So what do you think Llama? Yes, I love them too!

Wraps can be a bit tricky but this one stays in place without any additional fixings and sits in a lovely position.

Will I Make it Again?

I will definitely be making another set of these lovely PJ's. I'm excited to try and make a more silky pair. They are very comfortable to wear and the sizing is true to the measurements.

I might make the top of the next set a size smaller at the waist and hip as they are very relaxed fit. The ties that go inside are a little bit stiff so I think I would replace those with ribbons to reduce the bulk too.

Overall a lovely pattern and I would recommend it to all levels of sewing experience.

Final Assessment

  • Sizing - 4/5. It offers a wide range of sizes and is true to the measurements. The only reason it isn't a 5 is because the fit is a bit looser than I would normally wear.

  • Instructions - 5/5. Detailed instructions of how to assemble the pattern, make adjustments and assemble.

  • Construction Process - 5/5. Easy to put together. Pattern pieces fit together well and markings are good.

  • Final Fit - 4/5. Really good fit but just slightly looser than I would normally wear.

  • Overall Rating - 4.5/5!! Love it!

Over to you!

So let me know in the comments what you think. Has it inspired you to make some of your own? Have you made these already? Do share as I am super inquisitive and love to know what you are up to!

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read full disclaimer here.

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