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075: Pyjama Party: 5 Pyjama Sewing Patterns Tried, Tested, and Reviewed

with your host, Jacqui Blakemore

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Sewing Your Dream Pyjamas: A Guide to the Best Patterns and Techniques

Embracing Comfort and Style

The quest for the perfect pair of pyjamas is a journey every sewing enthusiast should embark on. With the increasing trend of stylish and comfortable loungewear, making your own pyjamas has never been more appealing.

Drawing inspiration from the Sew Mindful podcast episode 75 "Pyjama Party: 5 Pyjama Patterns Tried, Tested, and Reviewed," this is my curated guide filled with tips, advice, and insights for your next sewing project.

I've also curated 20 pyjama sewing patterns for you, so if you are looking for inspiration then download this cheeky little guide.

Picking the Perfect Pattern

When it comes to sewing pyjamas, the pattern you choose can make or break your project. Here are a few of the patterns that I've tried recently together with some recommendations from my good sewing friend, Melanie Keane:

Pine Cove Pyjamas by Itch to Stitch:

Ideal for those who love a relaxed fit and stylish wrap top. This pattern is versatile, suitable for fabrics like cotton flannel for warmth or viscose for a lighter feel.

I made the size 8. Next time I'll make a small rounded back adjustment and shorten the shoulder length slightly. I'll also add about 1/2" length to the crotch length at the back.

The pattern recommends 3/4" elastic for the trousers I used 1" elastic instead for comfort.

I made them in a brushed cotton/flannel and they are cosy to wear.


  • Stylish wrap top

  • Loose comfortable fit

  • Simple construction


  • No trouser pockets

  • Sometimes need to wear a vest top underneath

Nocturne Pyjamas by Sew Liberated:

I really loved the style of this set. The top features a V-notch at the neckline and has a high low hem.

It also has a yoke that the top gathers into on the front and back which is where I added some piping detail.

The set-in sleeve means that they are more fitted around the shoulder which I do prefer. I also love the finished length of the front and back of this top.

The bottoms have two waistband options for a higher paper-bag style or a standard waistband that sits just below your natural waist. They also include an option for in-seam pockets.

I added piping detail to the trousers which I am really delighted with as it makes them feel that bit more luxurious to wear.

I made the size 10 at the bust graded to a 14 at the hip for the top as I like more room there and I made the bottoms in a size 14.

I had to add some length to the back crotch and take about 1.5 inches off the leg length. I made them in a soft touch viscose and they are lovely to wear.


  • In-seam pockets in bottoms

  • Fit of the trousers is really good

  • Cute neckline and gather details


  • Nothing!

Le Pyjama by Atelier Brunette:

This pattern stands out with its kimono sleeves and notched collar, giving a touch of elegance to your loungewear. It was the collar detail on the top that drew me to it.

The shape of the sleeves and the boxy cut give this top an elegant appearance. The deep hems and top stitching give it a stylish finish.

The bottoms don't have a side seam and are cut as one piece for each leg. This means they're a bit quicker to sew but there is no option for in-seam pockets. It also means you need quite wide fabric (150cm wide) to make them.

The pattern suggests adding two channels in the waistband for two rows of elastic but I preferred one wider piece of elastic.

The V-neck sits quite low, but it is simple to adjust it by just moving the notch on the front bodice and facing pieces. I raised it by 2 inches one the second one I made and I much prefer it.

The length at the back was also a little too short for me so when I made the second one I added a rounded back adjustment and I also added around 3 inches to the centre back length and blended that out to the side seam. I think that is just personal preference.

I found the trousers to be a bit short so if making again I will definitely lengthen them. And if you are taller then I'd definitely check the leg length before you cut them out.


  • Collar and V-neck styling

  • Kimono sleeves and deep hems


  • Pattern instructions for attaching the collar

  • No in-seam pocket option

  • Needs wide fabric for the bottoms

Carolyn Pyjamas by Closet Core:

If you're up for a challenge, this pattern is for you.

With its classic notched collar and options for a straight-legged pant or a cuffed short, it's a staple in any pyjama collection.

I haven't made these yet but Mel's feedback is that although they are rated as 'intermediate' she thinks they are more advanced than that.

She recommends Flying Bobbins Carolyn Pajamas video course which goes through all the steps you need to make this set.

They are loose fitting and Mel said that they came up a little on the big side. She also shortened the length of the top for personal preference.

All that said though, I think they are a lovely design, particularly with the piped edges and many of the expensive sets I've seen recently in online stores follow this style.

Agnes Pyjamas by Paper Theory:

For those who prefer an oversized, relaxed look, this pattern with its batwing sleeves and no waist definition is a must-try.

Mel made this set with some gorgeous checked double sided double gauze that she got as a kit from Guthrie & Ghani.

It has a large check on one side and small check on the other. I love the way she has used the checks on the pockets and cuffs.

Her feedback is that there is a seam down the back of the top so if you want to pattern match then allow more fabric.

There are no pockets in the bottoms but there are large pockets on the jacket. The bottoms don't have a side seam either so no option to add a pocket.

Because of the wide sleeves and the no-side seam bottoms, they do require a lot of fabric and the do include lots of ease.

I think Mel's set looks super comfy though and I do have a bit of PJ-envy!

All of these patterns are for woven fabrics but if you'd like more ideas for pyjama patterns that cover woven and stretch/knit fabrics then I've got you covered. Click on the button below to get my inspiration guide to 20 pyjama patterns.

It includes pictures, descriptions, sizing, pricing and sewing level together with links for where to buy the ones you love the most.

Key Tip:

Always consider your skill level and the type of fabric you're comfortable working with before choosing a pattern.

Which is your favourite?

  • Agnes Pyjamas - Paper Theory

  • Carolyn Pyjamas - Closet Core

  • Le Pyjama - Atelier Brunette

  • Nocturne Pyjamas - Sew Liberated

Fabrics and Notions: The Foundation of Comfort

The fabric you choose is as important as the pattern. Most pyjama patterns recommend non-stretch woven fabrics like cotton, viscose, linens, and linen blends. If you're sewing for colder months, cotton flannel is a cozy option, while lighter fabrics like chambray or cotton gauze are perfect for warmer weather.

For Night Sweats:

Opt for breathable fabrics like Tencel, silk, or linen blends. These materials offer better moisture-wicking capabilities, ensuring comfort throughout the night.

Notions to Consider:

For pyjama bottoms most have elastic waistbands. I like this 30mm wide flat woven elastic.

Some of the tops have buttons for front closures.

Piping adds a luxurious touch. I used this one: 2mm insert piping cord poly cotton bias

I also like the idea of adding a feather trim for that truly luxurious look, so am thinking of trying this one: Ostrich Feather Fringe Trim

Key Tip:

Always pre-wash your fabric to avoid any shrinkage after your first wash of the finished pyjamas.

Mastering the Techniques: From Beginner to Pro

Sewing pyjamas is a great way to enhance your sewing skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sewer, there is always something new to learn:

Elasticated Waistbands:

A common feature in many pyjama patterns, they are relatively easy to sew and offer comfort and flexibility in fit. The patterns mentioned have a simple rectangular waistband, folded over to create the casing for the elastic.

Adding Pockets:

Patch pockets or in-seam pockets not only add functionality but also give you a chance to practice precision.

Notched Collars:

A feature in several patterns, notched collars can add a touch of sophistication to your pyjamas.


For those looking to challenge themselves, adding piping can elevate the look of your pyjamas. It's a great skill to learn and gives a professional finish.

Key Tip:

Practice any new technique on scrap fabric before applying it to your project.

Stitch Your Way to Cozy Nights

Making your own pyjamas is not just about creating something to wear; it's about crafting an experience and embracing your personal style.

Whether you choose a simple pattern or opt for a more complex one with unique features, the key is to enjoy the process.

Sewing pyjamas allows you to experiment with different fabrics, patterns, and techniques, broadening your sewing skills while ensuring cozy, stylish nights.

Remember, the journey of sewing your dream pyjamas is a personal one. Take your time, choose patterns and fabrics that speak to you, and most importantly, have fun with it. Happy sewing! 🧵✨

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