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078: Getting to know Maison Fauve

with special guest Emilie Faurie

One thing that I love about the sewing community is how passionate and talented the people are within it and when I recently had chance to talk to Emilie Faurie of Maison Fauve she was another wonderful example of that.

She also shared with me an offer for a FREE pattern and a chance to win prizes! Read on to find out more.

In this article:

Unusual path to sewing pattern designer

Emilie Faurie, Founder and Artistic Director of Maison Fauve
Emilie Faurie, Founder and Artistic Director

Emilie Faurie is the Founder and Artistic Director of Maison Fauve, a sewing pattern and fabric brand based in the South of France.

She was always interested in fashion and sketching designs but only started sewing when she was pregnant with her first child, around 10 years ago.

In her career as a Dental Surgeon she had lots of experience of machines that require hand-foot co-ordination, so when she first started using a sewing machine she felt right at home.

And after meeting up with a professional seamstress to find out how she could turn her sketches into reality, she made her first skirt and was hooked.

From an opportunity partnering with an online haberdashery store, she began creating clothing collections and sharing her designs on Instagram. That quickly became the start of her own sewing pattern designs, and the start of Maison Fauve.

The Maison Fauve design and creative process

When I first came across the Maison Fauve website, I found Podcast Couture, Emilie's tool for sharing her creative process about the Maison Fauve collections.

Emilie in a signature Maison Fauve animal print
Emilie in a signature Maison Fauve animal print

I watched episode 14 La capsule CLAIR OBSCUR and even with my schoolgirl level french I couldn't help but be caught up by Emilie's passion and enthusiasm for what she creates.

In our chat she shared "it's a tricky process. When I'm working on a new collection, I have a theme in my mind. what is the atmosphere, the mood I want for the collection. Who are my muses? I am so inspired by movies and art and lots of stuff like that. And I also think, of course, what will be the wardrobe of the muse of the collection.

And also, what kind of clothes I want to wear for the next collection. Maison Fauve is kind of my wardrobe too. I'm creating what I want to wear, but there's a lot of Maison Fauve muses."

Once she has selected a mood and theme, she then chooses a colour palette and the types of fabrics she wants to include. There are some signature elements such as using high quality jacquards, a Leo animal print and her own print designs.

For last winter's Fauvae Botanica collection she used botanical books to design her magical garden print using floral elements and snakes to create drama and mystery.

All in the details

One thing that I noticed when I tried my first Maison Fauve pattern was that Emilie doesn't hide from challenging the sewist to try new techniques.

In the Cicadella Blouse there is an option for a full length sleeve with an unusual cuff. It was also the first time I had used French seams on a princess seam.

When I asked her about not shying away from more challenging details she said "Honestly at first, I don't want to challenge anyone, but I just want to have beautiful garments. That's my point.

I just want to have beautiful garments. That's what's, driving me. So I don't want to limit my creativity because of the technical points, but of course, I always think that the sewists have to be able sew the patterns.

So when I'm designing clothes I'm thinking of each detail, the line and how I want it to fit. And what I want is that you can spot my work.

I want that when you see it you can say that's a Maison Fauve garment."

There are detailed video tutorials to accompany all of the patterns and each pattern has options for you to choose how far you want to develop your skills.

And because it is all about the details Maison Fauve also provide haberdashery and full sewing kits to complete the collection.

Emilie gets just as passionate about the buttons in the collection as she does about the patterns and fabrics. "Buttons are like candies! Every season we receive all the buttons for the collection in the colour palette and they're just like jelly beans. I'm crazy about that, I love my job!"

FREE pattern and competition!

So if you are feeling inspired to give Maison Fauve a try and take your first steps to becoming a Femme Fauve then what better way to start than with a free pattern and a chance to win some prizes?

Then make it up, post some pics on Instagram and you could win these prizes:

  • First Prize

    • A Creator C360 sewing machine and a Simplicity bias machine by RASCOL

    • A workshop box and support course by ODORE SCOLA

    • A voucher for 150 Euros for ILABELLA

    • A set of stationery and accessories from CINQPOINTS

    • A voucher for 150 Euros for MAISON FAUVE

  • Additional winners will be drawn for the following prizes:

    • Maison Fauve paper pattern of your choice

    • Mini iron + cover + iron rest

    • Black scissors + Japanese ruler

    • Buttonhole ruler + clapper

    • LED lamp

The competition runs from 15th Jan 2024 to 15th Feb 2024 12pm. Results will be communicated on 20th Feb 2024 at 5pm.

For full details check this Competition page:

Don't miss out!

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Connect with Emilie Faurie

If you'd like to connect with Emilie, she would love to hear your feedback or thoughts too.

And if you would like more help with any of the aspects mentioned in this article or this podcast episode then I would love to hear from you so do please email me at

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and I hope you find some useful tips that you can apply.

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