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#051 Making a Duster Jacket aka long cardigan

with your host Jacqui Blakemore

Episode Summary

At the time of writing autumn has arrived in the UK and winter is around the corner. Finding the perfect clothes to wear in this transitional weather can be a challenge so if you struggle like me to adjust to the changing temperature then layers could be your answer.

I am also feeling the effects of the menopause and have found that I am no longer the same temperature from hour to hour, so having the ability to add and remove layers has been a real benefit for me.

So when I first made the Duster Jacket from the Simplicity 8557 sewing pattern that came free with Sew Magazine I was delighted by just how easy it was.

The pattern is great value for money especially if you are just starting out as it has 5 garments designed to work brilliantly together for a very relaxed collection.

The image on the front of the pattern is a little uninspiring but don't let that put you off.

You can make these garments with a range of knit or stretch fabrics making each one look unique.

In the first of my pattern review podcast episodes I talk through my experience of making this duster jacket not once but three times (yes the clues are there that I quite like it!)

In this episode you will hear:

  • the features of this duster jacket

  • the size range of the pattern

  • alternatives if you don't fall within the size range

  • the size I chose

  • the recommended fabrics

  • the difference between 2 and 4 way stretch fabrics

  • how to measure percentage stretch

  • why stretch type and percentage matter

  • the fabrics I used for my makes

  • my tips and experiences from making it

  • the adjustments I made

  • and why I think it's a great pattern to try

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