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1.1 - Intro to Commercial Sewing Patterns

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Tuesday Technniques!

There is no doubt that commercial sewing patterns are a fantastic tool for making your own clothes.

But for anyone getting started they can be challenging to get your head round. Even for experienced sewists, dressmaking patterns can seem like a foreign language.

So in the first part of this series I am sharing

  • why I love sewing patterns

  • the pros and cons of using them

  • the pros and cons of the alternatives

  • an intro to the different types of sewing pattern

  • what the information on the outside of the pattern means

  • how to decipher the layout of the instructions

  • what the pattern pieces look like

I'd love to hear about your experiences with sewing patterns - do you love or hate them, have you tried them, what challenges have you found? So let me know in the comments about your thoughts on patterns and any questions you may have.

The next video in this series (available 17th Nov 2020) covers how to trace off sewing patterns so that you can keep them in tact for future use.

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Thank you for the comments @Meanmagenta! Glad you enjoyed it. I love that I have collected such a wide range of patterns and can't wait to share some fab PDF patterns too to help convince you! Look forward to seeing you next week!


Me again! I want to thank you again for such a comprehensive and fabulous video, you are a fab teacher, so generous with your time and knowledge, such a great and thorough presentation about patterns and information where to source patterns, you are a goldmine of info and advice, I hope to be able to join live next Tuesday! All the best epic Jacqui!


#replay Love vintage patterns, even though I obviously need to take into account that my body shape is nowhere near the average woman's silhouette from the 1940s/50s, LOL!

I am not too keen on pdf patterns, I don't mind the traditional patterns, possibly because Mum has used these to teach me dressmaking.


#replay Catching the replay! Woohoo! You look fab, love the floral fabric and your polka dot chair cover! You do have some serious superpowers, how on earth can you manage to do all the things, broadcast, podcast and find the time to sew is soooo beyond me! Loved the first video, many thanks Jacqui!

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