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Vlieseline Embroidery Set Giveaway

Updated: May 28, 2021

In episode 38 of the Sew Mindful podcast I got chance to talk to the fabulous Janet Kolle of Vlieseline (part of the Fruedenburg Group) about all things interfacing and interlining.

If you haven't heard the episode yet then be sure to check it out here:

And Janet has so generously donated a Vlieseline Embroidery Set for me to giveaway!

The set contains 5 x A3 sheets of their wonderful products ideal for anyone that does hand or machine embroidery.

  • Filmoplast H 54 - this is a self-adhesive fleece for pieces smaller than the embroidery hoop.

  • Solufleece - The special properties of Solufleece make it possible to manufacture very fine embroidery on transparent fabrics and also embroideries without any use of fabric as base material (such as lace).

  • Fuse-n-tear - For stabilising the fabric to ensure perfect and non-puckering embroidery work; can be used as a template for creative work and for embroidery and appliqués on elastic fabrics.

  • Solufix - Self-adhesive and water-soluble embroidery backing on transfer paper. For all kinds of machine embroidery, new creative techniques and as an ideal sewing aid for mini-quilts.

  • Stitch-n-tear - Sewable, tear-off embroidery backing. Backing for embroidery and appliqués, sewing aid for the individual design and production of patchwork patterns and stitching work and for the transfer of motifs to the right side of fabrics

Sorry this giveaway is now closed!

Closing date for entries is midday on 28th May 2021 (BST).

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