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Lost your style? Top tips on how to get back on track!

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

When our lives change the clothes and styles that used to work for us can seem like they no longer fit. This can be triggered by lots of different life events such as when we change jobs, locations, significant birthdays, weight loss, weight gain and so much more.

I feel that has happened to me recently having experienced a few of these triggers within the last 12 months. My job is evolving and I spend more time at home, my weight and body shape are changing with my excuse being that the gyms have been closed and last year was a significant birthday.

Inside Out Style

So I wanted to get some help to find out how I could reconnect with my style and understand more about what works for me and why. I asked Imogen Lamport for help. Imogen is the founder of the style encyclopedia - the Inside Out Style Blog.

She has been a guest on the Sew Mindful podcast with me before and her advice is always extremely practical and in this chat she shares a number of great questions to ask yourself and steps to take to get your style back on track.

Style Resources

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Have you lost your style?

Let me know in the comments if you have struggled to find your own style and if you have any tips that have worked for you or if you had any a-ha's from listening to this episode.

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