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1.14 Full Tummy Adjustments (Trousers)

Tuesday Techniques!

In this session we look at how to adjust a trouser pattern to accommodate a figure with a fuller tummy. This follows on from the Intro to Trouser Fitting session.

If you carry your weight around your tummy then you may have found that when you make your toile, the fabric seems to hug your tummy and curve under it making it seem more prominent.

This can also make the fit seem uncomfortable, particularly as the day wears on. If this is something that you have experienced then the full tummy adjustment for trousers may be what you need to get a more comfortable and flattering fit.

The aim is to add the fabric only where you need it creating extra length and width just across the tummy area to prevent the crotch rising up or the waistband pulling down.

In this Tuesday Techniques session I explain

  • a review of the toile I created and my interpretation of the fit

  • how to tell if you need a full tummy adjustment

  • how to complete a full tummy adjustment

If you have a pattern that you want to work on then why not give these modifications a try as you watch the video.

If you want to find out more about how to make a toile then check out this post: What is a toile and why do I need one?

If you have a pattern that is not a simple pair of trousers like the ones in these examples and would like pointers on how to apply this change to that specific pattern please let me know either in the Facebook Group or by email and I can share some tips and techniques to help you tweak this process for your garment.

If you have any questions then I love to help so email me at and if you have any a-has or inspiration from this session let me know in the comments below.

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