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1.12 Full Tummy Adjustment (skirts)

Tuesday Techniques!

If you have a prominent tummy that you would rather not draw attention to then it could be that by making a full tummy adjustment to your patterns you could not only make your garment more comfortable but also get a more flattering fit.

For some people when they make a straight skirt or shift dress it can feel a bit tight over the tummy and you may see drag lines going out towards the side seams. The fabric can also hug the tummy area and be quite close fitting under your tummy drawing attention to it.

If that is not the look that you want then this pattern adjustment could help improve how the skirt or dress hangs and make it more comfortable to wear.

In this Tuesday Techniques session I explain

  • how to tell if you might need a full tummy adjustment

  • how to decide where you might need the extra room

  • step by step instructions for making the adjustment depending on how much you need to add and where you need the extra space.

If you have a pattern that you want to work on then why not give these modifications a try as you watch the video.

If you want to find out more about how to make a toile then check out this post: What is a toile and why do I need one?

If you want to make this adjustment on a skirt that has a yoke with no darts then take a look at this video where I show how to make the adjustment on the Seamwork Margo Pencil Skirt.

If you have a pattern that is not a simple skirt like the ones in these examples and would like pointers on how to apply this change to that specific pattern please let me know either in the Facebook Group or by email and I can share some tips and techniques to help you tweak this process for your garment.

If you have any questions then I love to help so email me at and if you have any a-has or inspiration from this session let me know in the comments below.

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