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Tame your wardrobe with Trello

Do you feel like your wardrobe has got out of control? Are there garments hiding in there still with their tags on waiting to see the cold light of day?

If that rings true for you then you might want to listen to episode 4 of the Sew Mindful podcast. I talk with Maria Bello about how to detox your wardrobe and clear some space for your fabulous makes.

Maria Bello - Podcast guest on Wardrobe Detox
Maria Bello - my Sew Mindful podcast special guest

Wardrobe Inventory

As part of the process we discuss taking in inventory of what you have. In the podcast notes you can get access to a template to capture that on paper but I wanted to also share with you how I have started to create my wardrobe inventory using a super easy to use tool called Trello.

This is how I use Trello to track my clothes visually
My Trello Clothes Board

I love Trello and I use it to organise all kinds of things that I want to see visually in one place. About a year ago I began to use it for managing the clothes in my wardrobe and more recently I have refined how I categorise what I have so that I can spot gaps in how well my wardrobe contents suit my lifestyle.

If you haven't tried it then you can create an account for free at Just use the sign up option on the home screen by entering your email address and then creating a password.

How does Trello help?

Within Trello you can create boards and if you imagine setting up a cork pin board and then pinning images to it organised in whatever groupings make sense to you then Trello is a digital representation of that.

You can define different boards for different topics. So for example I have a board for my sewing patterns, a board for my fabrics and a board for my clothes. In each board you create lists with whatever headings means something to you. I use the lists to indicate the lifestyle activity that my garment is most suited for.

In each list you can add mulitple cards. Each card has a title and can have one or more images/attachments, a description and checklists. One of the features I like most about Trello is that you can create labels which is a way of categorising a card but then you can search based on those labels and also on any text within the card fields.

Trello cards allow you to store images, descriptions and links to other cards.
Trello card for my T&TB Joni Dress

I use labels in my wardrobe board to specify what type of garment it is. I can then use the label searching to see where I have a shortage or excess of a particular type of garment.

Benefits of Trello

What I love most is how easily you create cards and add images. It's really easy to move cards between lists and the searching is really powerful.

In addition I have created a list for the garments that might need some alteration. I can then use the checklist function to specify what alteration is required and if I am feeling very organised maybe add a reminder notification to make sure I get it done.

If that wasn't enough then you can also link cards to one another. So if you have a jacket that goes with a particular dress you can link the two easily together. This gives you a way to see which of your garments are the most versatile and spot any one-hit wonders that may not be serving you as well as they could.

Find out more

If you would like to see how to set up your Trello account and first board then head over to the Sew Much More Fun Facebook group where I have recorded a video that goes step by step through the process.

If you haven't already done so you can get reminders about new podcast episodes here.

And I always love to hear how you put these tools into action to work for you so if you have any wins or any questions then please let me know

Happy organising!

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