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1.7 Shoulder Adjustments

Tuesday Techniques!

The importance of getting a good fit at the shoulder can be overlooked but as this is the place where many garments hang from, if it doesn't fit well it can impact not only the fit of the bodice but also the neckline and armhole.

So learning how to measure the attributes of your own shoulders and adjust your patterns to suit your body shape can have a really positive impact on the fit of your makes.

In this Tuesday Techniques session I explain

  • how to measure the length and slope of your own shoulders

  • how to adjust a sewing pattern to make the shoulder section longer or shorter

  • how to change the pattern for square shoulders

  • how to make adjustments if you have more sloping shoulders

As with all of these adjustments I recommend making a toile first to help you assess the fit and I give tips in this session on what to look for when you try your toile on.

If you'd like more information about making a toile then check out the previous Tuesday Techniques video 1.4 What is a Toile and Why do I need one?

If you have a pattern that you want to work on then why not give these modifications a try as you watch the video. In the video I have used the FREE pattern from Seamwork for the Sorbetto top.

If you have any questions then I love to help so email me at and if you have any a-has or inspiration from this session let me know in the comments below.

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