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1.6 Lengthening and Shortening

Tuesday Techniques!

One of the most common adjustments that we make on sewing patterns is to lengthen and shorten pieces.

As well as changing the finished length of a garment, lengthen and shorten adjustments can be used to reshape the garment and move key features such as the bust point, waist level and hip position.

In this Tuesday Techniques session I explain

  • how to assess where to make your adjustment as you are not limited to just using the lengthen/shorten line on the pattern

  • what aspects of the pattern piece to consider when making your adjustment

  • the importance of replicating your adjustments on any related pieces such as facings

If you have a pattern that you want to work on then why not give these modifications a try as you watch the video.

If you have any questions then I love to help so email me at and if you have any a-has or inspiration from this session let me know in the comments below.

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