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1.5 Intro to Common Pattern Adjustments

Tuesday Techniques!

Do you ever make adjustments to your patterns or do you just try to wear them as they are? Are you confused about what adjustments to make or how to tell if you even need to make an adjustment?

One of the advantages of making your own clothes is that you can tailor them to fit your own beautiful body. But with lots of different types of adjustments that you can make it can be difficult to know where to start.

In this Tuesday Techniques session I explain what the aim is of making adjustments and how to determine what 'good' looks like.

We also explore different ways in which you can check the fit of your garment and the clues and signs to look for to help you determine what adjustments are needed.

I always recommend working with a toile or mock-up of your garment first and if you haven't already seen the previous Tuesday Techniques session on 'What is a Toile and Why do I need one?' then be sure to take a look at that too.

In this session I also explain the best order in which to make your adjustments to give you the best chance of getting a great fit. And in the upcoming sessions we are going to explore each of the different types of adjustment and how to make them.

If you don't have a toile to get started on you can still take action (you know by now that I'm all about taking action and putting your learning into practice!). Begin to review and assess the fit of garments that you already have in your wardrobe. And if you are feeling adventurous pick a pattern that you want to get started with and make yourself a toile then you can follow along in the upcoming sessions to get the most out of putting these ideas into practice.

If you have any questions then I love to help so email me at and if you have any a-has or inspiration from this session let me know in the comments below.

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