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Are you ready to make clothes with a fabulous fit?

Do you want to go from frustrating fitting issues to gorgeous garments that are sized just for you?

Find out the key sewing pattern adjustments that will take you from feeling frumpy to confidently making beautiful clothes, specifically for your body shape and size.


Get started with a free 30 min personalised sewing pattern strategy session.


You will leave knowing the key adjustments you need and resources on how to make them.  

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Are you struggling to work out why sewing patterns don't fit you?

You want to make your own clothes because you can't find what you want in the shops.

Maybe you've tried a few patterns, followed all the instructions, they still don't fit quite right.

When you see a problem, you are not sure what to do about it. 

You've found a few YouTube videos on making pattern adjustments but that's left you with more unanswered questions.

You want to enjoy sewing but these fitting issues make it so frustrating!

Imagine being able to
confidently adjust
sewing patterns to fit

If you knew exactly what adjustments to make and how to make them, how would that change how you feel about making your own clothes?

Being able to understand your own body shape and posture can significantly shortcut the steps you need to make to create great fitting clothes.

Our clothes give us clues about the adjustments we need to make and once you unlock that code, you can use it to make any sewing pattern fit your unique body shape and size. 

When your clothes fit they feel more comfortable AND they're more flattering too. 


Do you want to make clothes that perfectly fit your body & your lifestyle?

Our body shapes are unique - one size doesn't fit all.
Making your own clothes is a wonderful way to create a great fitting wardrobe but sometimes getting sewing patterns to fit can be frustrating.

Whether you've just started sewing or you're returning after a break, I can help you to confidently personalise sewing patterns to create clothes that fit beautifully, make you feel great and that you'll have fun making and wearing.

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