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Sew Like a Pro

Are you worried about how to set up your sewing machine?

Baffled by the jargon of the different techniques?

Afraid of starting to sew and getting it wrong?

If you are excited to get started making your own clothes but not sure where to begin this online course is a great introduction to set you up to Sew Like a Pro.

This short course simplifies all of the techniques you'll need to get started. In just 5 days you will know all the sewing techniques you need to get started confidently making your own clothes.

Fabulous Fitting Bootcamp

Many of my friends and clients have told me that as they get older they struggle to get clothes to fit. Some have started to make their own clothes or tried to do their own alterations but found it hard to know what good fit really looks like and how to achieve it.

That's why I developed this bootcamp to provide a step by step approach to fitting that helps you easily identify what adjustments you need whether it is on your own makes or alterations to clothes you already own. And with the live Q&A sessions you can ensure you know exactly which adjustments to make for your body.

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