Start your journey to making your own clothes

Make Your 1st Top


What is the Make Your First Top Bootcamp?

The Make Your 1st Top bootcamp is a 5 day interactive training which combines live sessions with video replays to teach beginners how to get started making their first piece of clothing. 

In each session we work side by side using a sewing pattern to find your size, cut out your test garment and practice the stitching techniques to bring it all together. 



"Being able to watch on screen in real time for what I was supposed to be doing rather than just reading or listening to instructions and hoping for the best was I think my favourite part of the course. The interaction made it much more fun and meant that if I had any questions at all I could simply shout out and get an answer right away."

Kirsten Warren, Bootcamper

How Does It Work?

Learning a new skill does not come from just watching or reading about something. You can't learn to swim by reading a book or watching a video, you have to take action, get into the water and give it a go.

The bootcamp is structured to encourage you to take action and put your new skills and learning into practice. But unlike using YouTube videos alone this experience provides the opportunity to ask questions and get answers as you try the techniques using live interactive sessions via Zoom. 

But don't worry if you don't quite master it first time. Each session is recorded so that you can go back and watch it whenever you need a refresher or prompt. 

The sessions are broken down into 1.5 hours each day with the 5 days spread over 2 weeks to give you time to practice in between


Is the Bootcamp Right for Me?

The main reasons people join our bootcamp are:

As body shapes change it can be difficult to get clothes in the shops that fit well. 

If you want to wear garments that are designed specifically for your body shape and size but don't have lots of money to get them made for you then learning to do make them yourself gives you the skills to create clothes just for you. 

Are you tired of trying to find clothes you love in the colours and styles you want to wear in the shops?

It can be hard to find anything that isn't black!

Learning to make your own clothes enables you to create a wardrobe from colour palettes that you choose in fabrics and styles that you love. 

Do you feel stuck in a rut and want to find a new challenge? Are you in a job that doesn't allow you to connect with your creativity?

Learning to make your own clothes allows you to express your creativity whilst developing your dexterity and problem solving skills. Plus it's great for your wellbeing!

It's hard to ignore the impact of the fast-fashion industry on the planet. Are you keen to connect with slower fashion and make conscious choices about the types of fabrics you wear and suppliers you get them from. 

Learning to make your own clothes gives you control over what goes into the clothes you wear and creates a desire to keep and wear them longer. 






Who Teaches the Bootcamp?

The bootcamp sessions are all delivered by Jacqui Blakemore, an experienced dressmaking teacher and sewing enthusiast.

After learning from her mum when she was growing up, she has over 40 years sewing experience. 

As a life-long learner she continues to study and practice to keep improving and developing her techniques but loves nothing more than sharing those skills with other sewists and complete beginners connecting through the joy of sewing. 

Jacqui Blakemore Teaching Live