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Are you ready to finally make garments that fit YOU?

Personalising Patterns:
Fitting for Mature Figures

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Fitting for Mature Figures program

so that you can stop fighting with fitting issues

and confidently create patterns for great-fitting, comfortable clothes.

Presented by Jacqui Blakemore, founder of Sew Much More Fun

I struggle to buy clothes to fit. As I've got older my body shape has changed and when I try things on they often fit my top half but not my bottom half or vice versa.

So I learnt to make my own clothes. But what I realised is that even using sewing patterns I was suffering from the same fitting problems

It was only when I discovered how to understand my own body shape and make some key fitting adjustments that I started to create clothes that were comfortable to wear and looked great too!

I'd love to share those learnings with you in this interactive training program.


If you'd like to understand what adjustments you need and exactly how to make them then click to join the waitlist now. 

In this interactive program we will cover


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