One-to-One Coaching & Support

Making your own clothes can throw up questions and challenges that we aren't always able to answer alone. Another pair of eyes or a different perspective can often help to move you forward with a project that might be stalling.

If you are having technical problems with your machine, difficulties making fitting adjustments or challenges interpreting pattern instructions then we are here to help. 

Our virtual support and coaching sessions are conducted over Zoom or Whatsapp and can be booked at a time to suit you from the comfort of your own home. 

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Plan your makes Bootcamp

Do you struggle to visualise how the garments you want to make are going to look on you?

Are you stuck in a colour rut and want to experiment with new combinations?

Are you rubbish at drawing but still want to plan out your designs?

I was just like you which is why I created this bootcamp. I wanted to be able to quickly and easily experiment with different patterns to see how they would look on my body shape.

I wanted to try out different colour combinations to create a palette that I could mix and match. And I wanted to do it in a way that I could quickly and easily tweak and change. 

If you'd love to be able to plan a whole collection of makes that you know will suit your style and make you feel fabulous all while having fun releasing your inner designer then join me for this bootcamp. 


Make your 1st Top Bootcamp

So you want to get started making your own clothes but are not sure where to begin.  Maybe you've tried youtube videos but hit roadblocks when you have a question but can't get it answered.

In this live, interactive Make Your 1st Top Bootcamp we work alongside one another to pick your pattern size, cut out your fabric and then sew your top. 

You can ask questions as we go and we go at a pace that allows you to do each step with me. This bootcamp is ideal for complete beginners who have never used dressmaking patterns before.

Next bootcamp will run in Jan 2021 so if your New Year's resolution is to start making clothes that make you feel fabulous then click now to join the waitlist.


Fabulous Fitting Bootcamp

Many of my friends and clients have told me that as they get older they struggle to get clothes to fit. Some have started to make their own clothes or tried to do their own alterations but found it hard to know what good fit really looks like and how to achieve it.

That's why I developed this 10-day bootcamp to provide a step by step approach to fitting that helps you easily identify what adjustments you need whether it is on your own makes or alterations to clothes you already own.


And with the live Q&A sessions you can ensure you know exactly which adjustments to make for your body.

This bootccamp is ideal for anyone that has tried using sewing patterns but struggled to get the right size or adjust the fit for their own body shape. 

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Sew Like a Pro Online Workshop

Are you worried about how to set up your sewing machine?

Baffled by the jargon of the different techniques?

Afraid of starting to sew and getting it wrong?

If you are excited to get started making your own clothes but not sure where to begin this online course is a great introduction to set you up to Sew Like a Pro.

This short course simplifies all of the techniques you'll need to get started. In just 5 days you will know all the sewing techniques you need to get started confidently making your own clothes.